Aug 26, 2009
Recently my Linksys Wireless G PCI card has been having problems connecting right despite showing a "very good" connection and signal strength. When i restart my PC the card shows that I'm connected to the hotspot which is only 25 feet away at 54 Mbps but after a few minutes it drops all the way to just 1 Mbps though the signal strength is still 4 out of 5 bars and showing a "very good" signal according to the connection manager. Wjhat is doing this to ruin the actual connection? Is it a hardware problem, maybe my PSU is going bad or is just the driver for the card? Perhaps an adjustment would fix this in the Properties of the card itself? Any suggestions?

Also my onboard audio fried recently and I had to put in a seperate PCI card, maybe this is where the problem started since my video card fied too. Though the new video and audio cards work.

Compaq Presario sr1300NX
AMD 2.0 GHZ Sempron
1.5 GBs of ram
Linksys Wireless G PCI with Speedbooster M# WMP54GS


There's too much going on here for any sensible analysis.

If the audio circuitry died, a video card died might suggest a PSU problem.

But putting in PCI cards can upset things. I would suggest removing the audio card and see if the Linksys works better. And try moving the Linksys to another slot.

Also go into the BIOS and disable any ports not in use (COM, Parallel printer perhaps, Game/Midi) then restart Windows a couple of times to free up resources. should