Question Wifi Card Randomly Stops Working

Sep 6, 2020

Windows 10
Motherboard: ASRock B540M Steel Legend
Ram: 8gb
Processor: Ryzen 5 w Integrated Graphics
Power Supply: 600w
Wifi Card: ASUS PCE-AC51 AC750

This is my son's computer and this issue has happened twice now.

Essentially he is playing Skyrim and the game Freezes (not sure if this is related but it's how it starts). I go to help him exit and restart (he's 6). When exiting I notice he is also no longer connected to the internet. Troubleshooting network adapters > no resolution. Go into device manager > show hidden devices > I can see it. However, after uninstalling and restarting his computer (hoping windows would re-install) I get nothing.

The first time this happened I did a windows restore point but that still didn't fix the issues. (I also did a network reset prior) After the restore point however, it created some form of instability in his Windows and his whole computer crashed. I had to re-install windows and everything else for him. After that though windows picked up the wifi card like it had always been there.

Fast forward a couple weeks later, almost the same exact situation happened. I've gone through the top paragraph again with no luck. I'm hesitant to go through the system restore again as I really don't want to deal with doing the windows install again.

I'm hoping I can get some guidance here on if this is the wifi card failing or some defect with the motherboard etc. For perspective, my daughter (9) has the same computer setup (slightly different PSU cause they were out of the other one when I went to microcenter) although she has no issues with the wifi. She also doesn't play skyrim but I can't see how that's related unless the computer is maxing out the RAM usage which is somehow causing an issue.

Thinking about running to Microcenter later today to get them each up to 16gb Ram and also potentially a new wifi card for my son, was just hoping to get some feedback prior to the trip.

Thank you.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Ryzen 5 w Integrated Graphics

Which Ryzen is it?

Make and model of your PSU? Stating wattage doesn't help. Make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard. If you have a number of updates pending, gradually work your way up to the latest(noting if any chipset drivers need installing/updating along the way).

For your daughter's rig, you could also state the specs of her system as well. If they are identical, see if both have the same BIOS version, the same OS version and the same placement of components.
Sep 6, 2020
Processor is AMD Ryzen 5 3400G w/ Radeon Vega Graphics 3.7Ghz.

Both are on the same Windows version, she has a 650w power supply.

I just found the disk the device came with and updated the driver and it seemed to work however, it was already sort of detecting it prior to that so I'm concerned the issue may arise again.

I'll keep an eye on it and provide some updates if needed.