Question Wifi connection dropping randomly every 1-2 hours ?


Jun 12, 2016
This has been an issue for a while. It doesn't matter much while surfing the web for example because like I said it's about every 1-2ish hours. It's seemingly random but they never occur too close to each other. My Wi-Fi signal is always maxed out because I'm on the same floor as my router so I don't think its a connectivity issue. When it does drop, it'll stay disconnected for a few seconds then reconnect. It's a huge issue in gaming which is why it bothers me so much. Sadly, no ethernet port in my room, trust me, I'd be using it by now if I could, I'm using a Wi-Fi card because my motherboard requires it. Drivers are up to date, and I read to disable a setting in the Windows properties that was called "Turn off this device temporarily to conserve power" or something along those lines. So far nothing but I just want to be sure.

EDIT: Still happening even with disabling that windows option.
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Make and model of your wireless router? Might want to also check and see what firmware version you're on at this moment of time. As for your wireless adapter, did it come bundled with your motherboard or is it an add-on adapter? If it came with the motherboard, please state the make and model of the motherboard and the board's BIOS version.


And I will add the suggestion to look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for any error codes, warnings, or even informational events being captured just before or at the time of the connection drops.

Start with Reliability History. Much more user friendly and the timeline format can be revealing.

Event Viewer takes much more time and effort. No need to rush through - focus first on navigating about and getting a sense of the structure, logs, and information being presented.

To help:

I would look for some background app or utility that is running in the background and trying to update, backup, or just phone home.

Or maybe being launched via Task Scheduler when triggered to do so by some other system happening.

And simply failing in the process and causing the connection loss.

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Do you live in an environment with many surrounding wireless networks?

Could be interference.

Download and try Microsoft's Wifi Analyzer (free):


Connectivity might be improved by simply changing to a different, less used channel.