[SOLVED] Wifi Connection Superb -- 25kB/s...? Wifi Card?


Aug 16, 2015

I'm noticing recently that my internet connection seems to be extremely poor in comparison to what it should be. My download speed is a max of 1mb/s, mostly hovers at less than 500kb or less, and often drops out completely, usually just for a second but sometimes up to 5. I'm pretty sure that's responsible for an awful jittering issue I've been having in MMOs. Meanwhile Ookla's speed test tells me I should be sending and receiving upwards of 550mb/s. We have fibre optic internet, so this just doesn't make sense. No one is streaming, all drivers updated, recently completed a clean reinstall of windows. The router is directly downstairs from me.

My wifi card is the ASUS PCE-N15 11n Wireless LAN PCI-E Card, I bought it in 2016 when I built this PC. From what I can tell it doesn't support 5G, but I'm not quite sure. I'm also seeing that most people say its lifespan is ~3 years. Does it maybe just need to be replaced?
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would try with a lan cable on the router if you could could be some wi-fi signal around that block you and if you have admin to router try to use a less crowded channel not the default one they usually have .