Question WiFi consistently drops in one room (18 times in the last hour) but ping's dont give no reply? What options do I have?


Jun 16, 2015
Hello so long story short, I am in a room with my PC, my Xbox Series X & my cell phone that all use the WiFi. (Though my PC has powerline adapter as I had this issue in the past and it seems it was a temp fix) Roughly a month ago it started where my internet would randomly drop and I'd disconnect from what I was doing maybe 2-3 times a day, now it's doing upwards of 30 times a day. Today I made sure to ping google dns all day to see if it ever timed out when I lost internet, and it never did. Everyone else in the house has no issue with the internet. I have Fios, I have a replacement router coming from them but I may also go buy a Nighthawk or something better but I still don't know if that would fix the issue as I believe my room is a dead spot. Is there any way to test if my room is a dead spot or is there any solutions that you guys could think of besides last resort I go up in my attic and run cable and drill holes in my walls to split some ethernet cable to my xbox and pc (though that wouldn't fix the issue with my cell phone's wifi I suppose)

Thank you for any suggestions.
I would not use mesh unless there are no other options. Mesh many times is just a fancy name for a repeater that has all the same issues. Some of the more expensive mesh systems have dedicated radios for backhual but they still suffer from placement issues.

You best option would be to use MoCa if you have coax tv cable near the router and your room. Some fios boxes even have MoCa built in so you would only need to buy 1 extra adapter. Many modern moca adapters can get full gigabit speeds

You can also just place a switch on your powerline unit and plug all your stuff into that. It depends on how old the powerline units are. The newer ones that you see with numbers like 1000 or 2000 can get about 300mbps for many people.

To get wifi in the remote room you could just use a old router or buy a very cheap one and use it as a AP that you plug into the powerline or moca connection.