Question WIFI disconnecting during loadingscreens in games?

Aug 28, 2020

I have been having an issue for quite some time with my WIFI/Network card for a while now, usually when I sit in the loading screen of a game my WIFI will "disconnect" which is most noticeable by observing how I get disconnected from discord servers (and it keeps trying to reconnect). The interesting thing is that I am still being connected to whatever game I am joining but all other processes on my PC will not be able to access the internet until the loading is complete. I have recently changed all components of my PC (besides the network card which is an ASUS PCE-AC68) and therefore I do not think there is an issue with the motherboard.

I am using 5GHz and since I have reinstalled windows I am suspecting that this is either an issue with the network card or the router.

Using an ethernet cable solves all issues btw.