Question Wifi disconnection issues

Jun 23, 2021
Hello, I am having an issue that I can't figure out the solution to. I have been all over the internet searching and have found similar issues but the possibile solutions didn't work.

A laptop that is used mostly at my parents' house connects just fine to their wifi and I can access the internet with no problem. While at my place, the wifi seemingly connects and disconnects after a short amount of time ( 10-15 seconds) about every minute or so. All of my other devices work fine here. It is only the laptop I'm having issues with.

What I have tried:
  1. I have tried resetting the router sveral times and also restarting the laptop.
  2. Changing the power management settings in wifi properties.
  3. Resetting the adapter in settings.
  4. Disabling firewall.
  5. Check for driver updates (seems fine)
  6. Factory Reset.
Windows 10
Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265

Also, in firewall settings, each time the laptop connects for the small amount of time to my wifi, it shows an additional active public network with my network name. Each time it connects it adds an additional network with my network name.l and it stays on the list. I live in an apartment complex where the internet is provided but we use our own routers and passwords.
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On your laptop ensure that only one network adapter (either wired or wireless as required) at a time.

Not both at the same time.

And if you are moving the laptop between your parents' house and your apartment then you are effectively changing routers and the laptop's network adapter must be reconfigured to join the applicable router's network.

On the laptop - when successfully connected at your parent's house run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt.

Then do the same while at your apartment.

Post the results and be sure to identify which is which.

Include make and model router for each location.
Jun 23, 2021
Hello. Thank you for the reply. I actually resolved the issue. It was just my lack of knowledge. I guess this laptop (which is not mine, it's my parents') has not been updated at all. The original factory windows 10 OS had no updates applied whatsoever. After hours I managed to update windows without an external drive. I was having an issue with space but got the latest version with just enough space. I then made more space by removing the old windows. I am able to connect wirelessly now. How in the world was it able to connect via wifi at their place but not here?

It puzzles the hell out of me. Is an outdated router and modem a factor with an outdated OS? I had to connect to the laptop using tethering from my mobile device and began my space making update journey.