Question Wifi dongle looses connection to the internet? Possible PSU issue?

Jan 23, 2020
I have a system with the following config.

Asus Z370-p
Intel i5 8400
Intel Stock cooler.
16 GB DDR4(2100 mhz)
Corsair 600 Watt PSU.
Samsung Evo 970 plus 1TB (recently installed)
Asus GTX 1060 6GB model
Windows 10 Pro (latest version) .

I have two issues with the system I have to figure out.

I have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and in some games the the keyboard becomes unresponsive. Minor issue. And this doesn't happen during Windows use.

But the main issue is as follows. Since the motherboard didn't have buildin Wifi I bought a very cheep TP-link W823N Wifi dongle. However cuts out several times a day, meaning the dongle doesn't stop working, but looses connection to the router. (Windows 10 says no internet connection). And then I have to reconnect to the router. I have changed the channel on my router (and that didn't seem to have effect).

However when I connect the dongle to my laptop and connect to the same router, wifi + internet doesn't cut out. So could this an issue of the system being underpowered? The system runs at the following temp (CPU 25-30 degree Celcius idle + 50 - 60 degree on a heavy load). In regards to the motherboard it stays in the higher 30s during both idle and heavy use. Plus there are two case fans inside the cases, both running, and the front one runs between 800 - 1100 rpm and the back one 700-800 rpm. CPU fan runs 700 rpm in idle and 1100 - 1600 rpm during heavy use.

So what could be wrong with my system?

P.s. I don't overvclock it.

P.p.s. Ordered and Coolermaster Evo 212 + Intel i7 9700 k and waiting to install them both. However not done it yet since I am not sure if there is a PSU issue?

Note The PSU is installed with the FAN pointing at the direction of the motherboard, and Windows power settings set to balanced.
I tend to lean away from the PSU as being the I would find it rare and I also think you probably would have other issues.

One thing I would get a USB extender (like 10 feet or so) and connect the dongle to that......and then try different positions with the dongle.

I had the problem you are having with the PC in my living room and I used an extender and put the dongle up higher and the problem is gone.