Question Wifi dropping connection - Modem getting errors


Dec 19, 2017
I have an older Netgear CG3000D modem and a TP-link WDR4300 router. A few days ago my router started dropping the connection multiple times a day. It got to the point where I could not reconnect to the router. Thought my router went bad and so I bought a new one (TP-Link Archer AX21). Set up the new router and had a connection drop within minutes. The modem itself stays connected to the internet. I noticed at the time of the wifi connection drop, the modem logs this error : Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type

Is this a signal issue?


The modem you're working with should be specific to your ISP, meaning that the firmware on it should also be rolled out by your ISP. Given how the device is about a decade old at this point, it's possible that the device is developing glitches(is bidding farewell). Aside from that, I would've suggested looking into the modem having any firmware updates pending.

This might be a worthy read;
Not sure I would trust the information in that link, it just talks about changing things that can not possibly be the issue. There are a couple others on this issue that somehow cause google to list them high in the search but they are also not really correct.

I assume you are seeing this message in the actual log in the modem ?

What happens is the cable company sends a configuration file to your modem when it boots. One of the many things it contains is say how fast your internet connection can run. These files never go to your PC they are only between the ISP equipment and your modem. Anyone saying you can affect this by changing stuff in your pc setting is wrong. You see discussion about hacking these to try to get service you did not pay for but it is pretty much impossible to get any access to this file.

It by itself is not likely the problem. I guess the ISP could have a bad file setup for your account but it is much more likely some other communication issue. In theory it could be some bug in the modem firmware....only the ISP can update the firmware even if it is. What is much more likely is the connection had some other communication errors and when it attempted to reset itself it is having issues getting a configuration file from the ISP equipment. I mean if there is something causing errors both your data and this data would be affected.

My guess is there are other messages in the cable modem near that time that show the connection going down or getting other errors.

In the end there is very little you can do about a cable modem. The ISP has full control even if you own it. Most modems have signal level pages you should be able to compare these with the recommended levels. It varies a bit by the type of docsis your ISP is using. There might also be a screen that shows corrected and uncorrected errors. If your signal levels are not within the recommended levels you can get errors and even have the connection reset itself if it gets too many.

You can't really do much. You can verify that the wires between the cable modem and where the cable comes into the house are all tight and have no dirt or water in them. You want to remove any splitters that are not needed. In most cases poor signal levels are caused by stuff outside your house.

You can try to call the ISP. They can see the messages in your modem and from their equipment. Maybe there is some problem that they can fix easily. If it is a very intermittent thing the ISP will likely have a issue seeing it with their testing tools.