WIFI / Ethernet ping spikes

Aug 5, 2018
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So for couple of months now I had this one problem, in games like CS:GO, Minecraft, Fortnite I always lag for like 3-7 seconds. In some games like Gang beasts, Hand Simulator etc. it even disconnects me. When I am checking my internet speed I have like 11ms ping but when I am checking my ping I have like 20ms for 20 seconds and then it jumps to 300ms. It may be packet loss because when I play fortnite i have 0% packet loss and after the lag it shows 400-700% packet loss. I dont know how to fix this, I tried both Wifi and Ethernet and its same


Aug 9, 2012
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If you have issue on ethernet also it is more likely that your ISP has some issue with the connection to your house.

So your first test is to run a constant ping to the router ip when you are connected via ethernet. If you get lag in the game but there is no ping loss or high latency to the router IP then the problem is not the LAN side of your connection.

Now run a TRACERT to What you are looking for is the ip address in hop 2. This should be the ISP router...assuming you do not have multiple routers in your house.

Run the constant ping to this ip address and see what happens when the game gets lag.

If there are problems here you want to show the ISP that you have no problems when you ping your own router but you have issue when you ping their equipment. They can still try to blame your router but it is not real likely. If you have a separate modem try to plug the pc in directly and see if you issues. This would prove it is not your router if it does it directly connected via the modem.