Question WiFi Extender disconnecting from router.


Mar 29, 2018
I'm sorry for the long post, and if there is a post already on this, I could not seem to find any answers that help my case.

Recently I bought a WiFi extender (NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender, Model EX3110) in which I hooked up to my internet, set it up and it was working fine.

Days after I bought this extender, I had my internet upgraded, which now allows me to have both 2.4ghz and 5ghz network bands, of which my previous internet only allowed 2.4ghz. After this internet switch, I linked the extender with the router through NETGEAR's "fastlane technology" using the WiFi extenders network settings on a browser, and selected the 5ghz to extender and 2.4ghz to devices option. The other option for fastlane was not creating a network from the extender for me to connect to, so that is not an option. After I had set this up, everything was working fine for the first couple hours, until it suddenly disconnected all my devices from the extender. I had a look at the extender when this happened and noticed the extender's "Router" connection LED was not lit up, while all other LED's were (Device, WPS and Power). This would then not turn on until I turned the power of the extender off and back on. It now continues to disconnect from the router at random times, which can be within minutes of re-powering it, or after a couple of hours (even survived a whole 12 hours overnight). I have tried moving it closer to the router, including right next to it, but it still proceeds to disconnect. Although, when it is working, I get very good wireless signal and very good speeds, showing that it is somewhat doing its job. I've tried resetting the router, and resetting the extender settings, but the problem still occurs. I have also tried setting a static IP for the wireless extender, but still no luck.

This may be by coincidence, but it seems to disconnect often when I just start using the WiFi on a device. For example, I'd be having a nap and wake up, the internet would be on, but would then cut out as soon as I open a browser or something. Or when I get home from work, I would check the extender as soon as I get home, see it is working, but as soon as I hop on and use the internet on my computer it disconnects.

A couple (maybe useful) notes:
  • I have confirmed it is the extender causing the issue, not the router.
  • I am being provided with NBN (in Australia) by Optus with the Fibre-to-curb connection, meaning I have a connection device that is then connected to the internet router.
  • I have tried moving the extender all around the house, but the connection still drops.
  • All my devices support 2.4ghz and 5ghz.
Thanks in advance.
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