Question Wifi Extender Ethernet

Apr 23, 2020
Hi, I have the latest sky Q box and I enjoy gaming in hardcore games, I am trying to get my download speed up and my ping as low as possible. Recently I got a,ss:44&prmd=svin&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:10103378389369338998,paur:ClkAsKraX3OyC1PZ6FlNUvzyT8Gtg_os6WCvLJlprECFQ5nFpFMHpLmffzU6iDMabA5WnGMN1w-iiIxLXAfmQ4LDGrZ1OGxrqrpjQ292IqkVf7teIDx_tBjYtxIZAFPVH71TGVNoN1J204g63FdhfVXrXy8y2A,prmr:1,pid:10103378389369338998,cs:1

usually I’m downloading games and I get 2/3MB/S, I’m not sure if that’s low or high but it stays the same no matter whether I’m connected via WiFi or when the Ethernet is connected to my WiFi extender. The reason I brought this extender was in hope thay I could get a faster connection to my PC for less lag spikes and faster downloading but there is barely any difference. Has anyone got any idea as to why or what I could do to try and make this better? I have 2antenes on the back of my PC. All drivers are up to date also,

another thing, is 2/3MB/S a good amount or should it be higher than that. It usually takes about 9/10 hours to download a 100GB game. I also usually get between 50/70 ping but it often spikes up very high.
Why would you think you would get any difference. The wifi is the problem. A extender you hook up via ethernet is not really that different than say a wifi nic card you hook up via USB. It being ethernet makes no difference it still gets to the wifi part and then gets the same crappy signal as your internal wifi nic.

The only way this would be better is if you could run the ethenet cable down the hall and place it closer to the router. It might help but games and wifi have issues even in very good conditions because of interference from neighbors.

You only real solution is not to use wiif.

Consider something like powerline network device. The newest AV2 based units work well for most people. If you have tv coax in both rooms you could consider moca. It is more expensive than poweline but tends to be a lot faster. All depends how fast your internet is to start with.
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