Wifi extender makes it stronger?


Feb 2, 2018
for e.g:
10 m = 100% power
30 m = 50% power
60 m = 20% power
10 m = 100% power
30 m = 70% power
60 m = 50% power
is that how it works? or will the wifi speed be the same but it will only reach further devices?
The latter - wifi goes further, but you have the same speed.

Think of it this way - you have a 5 ft hose that puts out a constant amount of water. If you stretch the hose out to 10ft it doesn't mean you get more water, you just get the same amount of water, but further away.
Radius and signal strength is to be imagine like:
local signal strength = (signal strength at source/(radius^2)) - environmental losses.
You get environmental losses due to walls, etc.
At certain places, you will start seeing local signal strength to be unusable.
By using an extender, you can bring up the signal strength back to usable condition, if the location of extender is correct.

Just bare in mind,
You can extend the WLAN range but by using extender or repeater, the total bandwidth will be halved.
The extender doesn't strengthen signals. It "repeats" them.

Assume you use two identical routers, one used as an extender, that have "20% power" at 60m. Place the extender at 60m from the original. Your signal strength will be 20% when at 60m from the extender, which can be 120m from the original router.

The price you pay is every signal received by the extender must be re-transmitted to reach the main router. Among other effects, that will reduce your bandwidth.