Question WiFi extender strength dropping


Oct 1, 2017
I've bought a t-p link n300 extender and synced it pretty easily.
My problem is that if I'm connected to the router but then move closer to the extender, any of my tech won't automatically connect to it and I just lose internet. I have to turn the WiFi off and on again for it to connect to the extender
This is also vice versa when moving from extender back to the router.

Any ideas?
That is a fairly common problem. Generally what it does is stay connected to the previous signal until it gets so bad that is drops. If the SSID are the same it should them go search and find the closest one and connect.

It is strange it won't connect at all. General you just stop and reconnect the client in the end device and it works I have not had to mess with the extender.

In the PC there is a setting in the wifi nic called something like roaming varies a bit between brands. You can adjust that to make it try to switch sooner. The down side is it could constantly jump back and forth if you set it too high.

If it is not the client causing it then it must be a bug in the extender or router firmware. The method used by repeaters is not actually part of the official wifi standard they just have been using the WDS trick for so long most devices are compatible.

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