Question WiFi Internet on my laptop drops to 1mbps while watching youtube or playing games or just browsing but not when downloading.

Oct 8, 2021
I'm using a Lenovo laptop and the internet connection on my wifi drops to 1mbps after a few minutes of browsing, watching a video, or just gaming. Weirdly, this doesn't happen when I'm downloading something either through torrents or any game client like steam or riot no matter how long it takes but the speeds drop a few minutes after the download is done. This problem goes away after I disconnect and reconnect to the wifi, but happens again after a few minutes. I recently manually updated the drivers for the network device from the Lenovo website but to no avail. The WiFi works totally fine for any other device. I've tried moving closer to the router but no difference. The actual internet speed I get on other devices is 40-45mbps.


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Model/SKU for your Lenovo laptop? Might want to check and see what your BIOS version is at the time of writing. Using the assistant on Lenovo's support site, check and see if you have a BIOS version pending update. Following that, check and see if you've got any OS updates pending. Ideally, you should be on version 21H1 if you're on Windows 10. If you're on 21H1 and don't have any updates pending for your OS, turn your attention to the wireless adapter, uninstall the adapter's drivers from controller panel/Device Manager(assuming you're on Windows 10) and then reinstall said driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator with the latest version found on Lenovo's support site for your laptop.

Make and model of your wireless router?