Question wifi/internet problem

Balkan BuraZZers

Jul 17, 2015
So i have wifi/internet problem and idk what it is causing it, so i have 2 wifi tp link routers, and at first i tought its that but after having same problems while switching them idk what it is, the wifi just stops working sometimes, i sometimes get high ping, sometimes it says youtube cant be reached same for facebook and other things, and it just stops after some time.For example i start movie from HBO go form laptop which is connected to wifi connection stops after like 15 mins then it recovers after restart then it works then it recovers and its just cutting like mad, and sometimes it doesnt but i cant get trough episode of 45 mins without internet working properly, also when i changed same problems maybe little different i dont get youtube bug and stuff, but sometimes for example i cant load video on wifi or i cant load any pictures and i cant send messages on whatsapp idk what is causing all that but its really annoying, and now i get high ping while playing games like 1000 then it stops then again thats not that common but i get it like every day like idk what to do.Also like sometimes i even get disconnected for like few secs like router restart it self i can see the lamps, and that wifi thing sometimes i see on laptop the the yellow warning on wifi and on pc its working fine idk what is problem, and sometimes it even says like its not connected to wifi and on pc is working fine, and yeah my internet goes into wifi thingy then into pc from wifi router just so you know.
Mar 14, 2019
Are you using a wireless wifi adapter? I used too and I would get the issues you're getting but I switched to an ethernet cable and my internet doesn't drop out anymore.