Question Wifi keeps booting off certain devices, while others stay connected


Oct 9, 2013
Howdy all,

I'm pretty tech savvy until it comes to networking. Long story, we live in the middle of nowhere and recently upgraded our wifi, which required our ISP to switch out the dish attached to a tree out front. A cable runs indoors that plugs into some kind of box, and then a Cat6 cable runs from said box into our new router that they insisted we needed.

Here's the twist: they also said we should keep our old router as the actual connection point because "the one you have is better than the one we're giving you." So another cable runs from the Lan1 port of the new router connected to the dish outside, into the internet (blue) Cat6 port of our old, better router.

Things were fine for a solid week, and anymore it's kicking devices off of the network, not allowing them to reconnect unless I sign into the older better router, reapply the same password, and reboot from there.

I tried plugging the old router directly into the cable that leads to the dish with no luck, so apparently we do indeed need the new one. Should I set the old router up as an access point instead? Will doing so kill the wifi mesh extender for the upstairs? Any and all help or speculation is appreciated. I'm at a loss here.


Make and model information for that "some kind of box", the old router, and the new router?

How many network devices: wired and wireless?

As I understand your post (line diagram) where ---> represents an ethernet cable.

Dish === coax cable? ===> "Some kind of box" --- Cat 6 --->[LAN 1 port] New Router ----> wired devices and ~~~ > wireless devices.

(Does the new router have a WAN port?]

Feel free to edit and correct my line diagram and add in other components and devices e.g., mesh extenders.

More information needed.