Question Wifi Module/ MOBO Bus Error Causing Crashes During Games ?


Jul 30, 2013
Recently I have been fighting my computer with a frustratingly long series of crashes while gaming. I will be playing a game (often times not even graphically demanding titles) and my PC will blackscreen and completely restart. Event viewer would give the same error message of kernel power event 41 task 63. I tried numerous different troubleshooting steps that I found online, as well as completely replacing the PSU and GPU. Made no difference. Initially I believed this was a software/driver issue in Windows and made a post on the Microsoft forms. After some feedback, it was determined that the crashes are likely caused by a hardware issue. Below I have the error message, as well as a link to my Windows posts in case you feel like exploring further.

A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: Bus/Interconnect Error
Processor APIC ID: 0

The details view of this entry contains further information.

WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped.

Module Path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\IntelIHVRouter04.dll

Link to my Windows troubleshooting posts

After discovering this, it was reccomended that I make a post here on Tom's Hardware as you all are better at assisting with hardware problems. Now it is looking quite likely that I will have to RMA my motherboard, however I wanted to attempt any final troubleshooting steps that I could before potentailly having my computer down for weeks/month + along with the headache of tearing down my machine to send the board.

So I am looking for absolutely any help or advice you may have to recommend. I realize my chances are slim but I figured it was worth a shot to see! If anyone has further questions to better help your assessment of my problem please ask away!

Thank you all so much!