WiFi much slower than Ethernet

Nov 6, 2018
I get 90/78 Mbps on my ACT fibernet when i run ethernet directly to my laptop. Used to get around the same, say 80/70 on my router for many months. But from the past month, i'm getting like 12/9. That's nearly 9 times slower.
Haven't changed any router settings since the first config about 6 months ago and i don't run any advanced features like port forwarding or QoS. I performed a factory reset yesterday, but no luck. I'm almost sure that i need to buy a new router at this point. I just made this post to see if i could run any other tests, or try out any other solutions, before i make the purchase. Oh and i'd love some dual band router recommendations. Looking to spend around 3500 INR (50 USD)
The most cost effective router is going to be one that claims a 1200 speed number. This matches most end devices. Does not do lot of good to buy a fancy router if your end device do not also support the features.

Hard to say which exact brand because it seems to not be as simple as currency exchange rates. I would stay with larger names because they tend to have better support. I tend to like asus and tplink but other large brands do just as well.

Your problem may not actually be with your router it may be that other people living near you have increased their use of wifi. The interference from their equipment will slow you down. There is no good solution for the over crowding of the radio bandwidth. The 5g band in theory is less crowded but those new fancy tri-band routers can use all the 5g channels with a single device. So a couple neighbors using those and you still have no uncontested bandwidth.

Things were easier in some ways when you could only use 1 radio channel rather than attempting to use all of them to get more speed.