Question Wifi Network Adapter Code 31

Dec 17, 2020
Here's what I have:
MB: MSI Z390-A Pro
WIFI Card: Intel Wireless-ac 9260
OS: Windows 10

I have made sure I got the latest drivers directly from Intel, installed using the Intel driver installation system. I still get a Code 31 error.
Steps I've taken so far:
  1. Uninstalled device/reboot/reinstall
  2. Checked registry, following guides to fix Code 31 errors (after making a reg backup). Note: none of those guides worked, as the info that I'm supposed to delete isn't present.
This is AFTER checking to make sure I had the right wifi card installed, since not all cards are compatible with this MB. The issue seems to be with Windows, since it's a Windows code I"m getting, but at the moment I haven't run across a fix that actually solves my problem. I've had people ask, "Why not just get an external WiFi adapter (USB)? My question is, why should I spend even more money to solve a problem? I've got all the hardware (and software) necessary, and it should work. So why isn't it?

Thanks for your help!