WiFi Repeater: data being stolen?

Nov 8, 2018
Hi everyone,

A few months back I got a cheap WiFi Repeater from eBay (find pics here https://www.facebook.com/commerce/products/1873105366053931/). I left in in the drawer for some time, but recently had the need to get it up running in order to boost wifi coverage in my house.

It all went nicely, until I noticed my tablet was picking up weather forecasting for... Kotovsk, Ukraine?

Needless to say, I am not currently in the Ukraine.

After that I went straight to google and run a quick "where am I" search. I was surprised to learn that no matter what LAN connection hook-up I used (i.e., cable, wifi, wifi repeater, etc.) to my home network all devices were detected as being in Podilsk, Odessa (which turns out is a different designation for the location previously mentioned), even if I wasn't connected straight to the wifi repeater at stake here.

After that I did a "what is my IP" search. It all looked to pan out just right: my IP was being correctly picked up.

Any idea why this is happening? Do you think someone might have hijacked my repeater before sending it out to me and is now collecting/stealing my personal data?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




Difficult to know.

However in the meantime you have published your private IP address: I.e, 87.xxx.xxx.xxx which is not a good thing.

Delete that information from your post.

Disconnect and remove the device from service until you know exactly what is going on....