Question WIFI signal help! lowering latency?

Sep 10, 2022
So here is the deal. I am temporarily renting a tiny home that is in the back yard of my landlord. I am unable to run an ethernet cord from my PC to the router that is in their home. I am able to connect to the WIFI and able to get decent speed but the Latency is the real issue. I mostly game on my PC so this is a priority.
my Current ookla speed test shows 230 down and 80 down with 150-230 latency. In game I usually see 70-100 latency with the occasional spike. Currently connecting to the 2.4GHz yields better results than the 5GHz connection
Basic PC specs
CPU -Ryzen 9 5900x
GPU -strix 3080
RAM -32Gb
Mobo -Crosshair VIII impact
WIFI card -intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200
WIFI Antenna - 2 x 2 Wi-Fi 6 -
2 x 2 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax) with MU-MIMO supports dual frequency band 2.4/5GHz
Supports channel bandwidth: HT20/HT40/HT80/HT160

So my question is, would getting a better antenna possibly improve lowering my latency? or getting a better WIFI card and antenna help? if so suggestions on which would be good.
I am fairly savy on PC hardware and software, I have some knowledge in understanding in networking/wireless networking but need some advice.

According to the landlord they have already moved the router closer in their house to me and offered to get a WIFI signal booster but I am not sure that would help.
getting a access point or something of that nature in my tiny home will not be possible.

Thanks in advance!
Not real likely but the first test is to open a cmd window and run a ping to the router IP.

This will represent the latency caused by the wifi.

In general wifi latency is only slightly higher than etherenet BUT it can get random interference which causes data retransmission. This retransmission takes time which increases the latency. It is not a constant though since many times data will get through with no interference.

This in some ways is worse that a consistently higher latency. A game can compensate to a point for higher latency, this is done so someone with low latency does not have a advantage in games. If the latency jumps around then the game server will not be able to properly predict locations.

If it is actually the wifi connection causing it there is not any simple solutions. Best case would be to run a pair of outdoor wireless bridges. These though require you to run ethernet cables into the house to provide both data and power.

Maybe a wireless bridge just on your end would work. I would take the pc outside on a nice day and see if the problem goes away. If it does you could use a outdoor bridge or maybe even a USB wifi nic card put outside.

In any case the first test is to verify it really is the wifi causing the latency.
Sep 10, 2022
just to specify, I am using a PC not a laptop. My external antenna cord is about 2.5ft, I will not be able to rearrange to be able to get the antenna any closer to a window without a longer antenna wire. my IP ping is 64.