Question Wifi signal keeps changing between router and extender

May 15, 2019
Hi guys !
So i have a TP-Link model : TL-WA850RE wifi extender and a ZTE model : zte zxhn h198a Router.
The problem is that after i configured the extender and put it on the other side of the house and it has a very good connectivity, whenever i walk with my phone from my room where the extender is to the living room thats where the router is , the internet just stops working for about 2 minutes , even though it still says i am connected to the wifi. For an example if i watch a youtube video while walking from my room to the living room so the video gets stuck like the internet has disconnected. And btw when i search for nearby wifi spots i can see 1 like the extender and the router just works together fine , but whenever i use the wifi they act like a seperate source of internet... i want the extender to extend my wifi signal and not act as a router of its own eventhough there is 1 wifi network and not two.
I really need to solve this , i would really appreciate your help guys ! Thx !