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Question Wifi signal strong but speed varies between rooms

Oct 3, 2019
I apologize if someone already asked something like this. I live in apartment that is shaped like letter L, on top of the letter is a room with wi-fi rooter, and only in that room ethernet is fast, in every other room even in the room next to it ethernet is slow and phone wifi disconnects. I want to point out that I've changed 5 rooters that varies from worst to the best, and currently have rooter that has 40 meters range (I go outside in the streets and still have full signal). Signal is not a problem, whole apartment is covered with excellent signal but speed in every room is terrible(you can't watch 360p video on yt) while in the room with rooter you can watch two 4k videos at same time with no issues. I hope you understood me ;)
Thank you for any suggestion and help
That is the difference between signal strength and signal quality. This distance the signal goes is purely a function of the radio transmit power and what absorbs the signal in the path. Almost all routers put out the legally allowed maximum power.

Signal quality is what allows the radio signal to carry data. A very weak signal but of high quality will work just as good as strong signal. The main problem for wifi is interference. This damages the data and causes errors. This both decreases the amount of data that can be sent as well as increases the amount of data being retransmitted.

When you live in apartments you have lots of people around you using wifi and their signal blasting into your house. When they have coverage issues like yours they just but stuff like repeaters or AP further increasing the number of signals coming out of their house.

This is the same problem as if your neighbor turns on his stereo too loud. Everyone just keeps turning up the volume to try to out blast the neighbors. At least there are laws against that but wifi everyone transmit at maximum power all the time.

There really is no solution to this. You can try other radio channels but modern routers pretty much use all the bandwidth on a single device. Was easier when you had 9 20mhz bands on 5g so 9 people could use it without overlap. The newest wifi6 routers use 160mhz of bandwidth out of the 180mhz total in most countries.

You can just join the crowd and try to outblast the neighbors. You can get powerline network devices with wifi radios in the remote end. You could put them in rooms you get the worst service. You could also connect to them directly with ethernet cable which would solve the wifi problems for those devices