Question Wifi slow only on one laptop, but the same laptop is fast with hotspot(please read detail)

Jul 20, 2019
Hello, my laptop is dell inspiron 7560. It has extremely slow speed on home wifi. My internet connection is 50mbps but i barely get 5mbps while testing speeds online on my dell. Other devices in home like other hp laptop and my mobile get pretty good speeds(around 15-23 mbps)

So i thought problem was with my dell wireless card but when i connected the dell laptop with 4g hotspot from mobile data... it gives me above 33 mbps above easily.

so the problem isnt with network card because hotspot gives good speed.
Other devices when connected to home wifi get good speeds as mentioned above

So the problem lies only between home wifi and my dell laptop. Please someone help me fix this, Im going crazy about this
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Seems simple enough, this prob can be reduced to zero variable, the solution.

Same router, same distance, same frequency, same 802.11 protocol, same band.

Assuming no custom IP setting, no bandwidth management by admin.

Feeling like of those where at the end u tell us, "has this thing forgot to mention."