Question Wifi speed and hardware questions


Mar 2, 2019
A bunch of internet speed questions. Hoping the answers aren't " no one knows." but that would be no surprise.

First, a note on the hardware and software in use. The router is a Linksys E7500 taking a Mediacom feed from a Technicolor DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Can't use a DOCSIS 3.1 modem because that would interfere with a Direct TV signal sharing the same coax. No, that's not optimum but it can't be changed for reasons beyond my control. Donwnloads shown through Ookla Speedtest through Ethernet are around 450 mbps down and 60 mbps up From what I understand, that's decent asymetrical transfer performance for DOCSIS 3.0

On a Samsung Galaxy 10E phone in an adjoing room, through the Android version of Speedtest, using a5G wifi link, I get 466mbps down and 58mbps up. However on an old Dell 6420 notebook running Windows 10 and on the same 5g wifi link using a USB Edimax AC1200 MU-MIMO WiFi Nano USB 2.0 Adapter, I've gotten Speedtest results no better than 200mbps down and around 40 mbps up.

Okay, the Samsung phone may have a more sophisticated wifi set up and it's time to try something better in the Dell notebook, which is limited to USB 2.0. I've already tried an Expresscard Fresco Logic USB 3.0 adapter and could not get it to work correctly.

The ASUS USB-AC68 USB wifi adapter seems tempting, but in reading reviews on Amazon many users have not been able to get it to work. Also, ASUS no longer has a support forum.

So given the potential roadblocks and dead ends I've encountered, are there any workable suggestions? I get the feeling that "no one knows."
Will the notebook take internal wifi cards. The large antenna on the notebook help a lot and generally USB adapters do not transmit at full power to save battery.

First thing to try is a USB extension cable to see if moving it away from the machine helps. That is part of the reason the asus you linked works very well compared to other usb devices.

It is strange people trouble getting it to work, that tends to be the highest rated USB adapter....and the most expensive.

The asus supports 3x3 mimo like your router but in general the difference between 2x2 and 3x3 is not huge. If everything was working well most people get around 300mbps on a 2x2 wifi connection.

In any case you are lucky to be getting the speeds you are. Many people get far less because their house eats more of the signal.