Question WiFi speed issues (PS4)

May 9, 2019
I hope some one is able to help.
I've recently moved house, had fiber installed and currently using the vodaphone WiFi hub.
I have speeds around 75 mbs (verified on multiple devices)
When it comes to my PS4 I have around 13mbs and intermittent extream lag.
I have tested my other devices right next to my PS4 and are still getting downloads in the high 70's.
Is there an obvious reason for the low speeds and lag? Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.
Wifi can almost be magic the way it works and doesn't work. Since you can't see the radio waves it is almost impossible to say. It can be as simple as the antenna send the signal out different sides of the box.

Maybe one of your devices is using 2.4g and the other 5g. Make sure both are connecting to the same radio on your router.

I would also try the ps4 very close to the router just to be sure there is not some defective part.....then again it could be the PS4 has some failure that is causing it to transmit at lower power.

These problems are very strange sometime silly stuff like turning the device around or putting it on a shelf will improve the signals.

Not sure what to really recommend there are very few settings you can make on wifi. The default one normally run the best.
May 9, 2019
Hi bill001g,
Thanks for your reply.
When using my PS4 at my old place I was on the third floor and had brilliant connectivity so I don't think it would be an issue with the PlayStation but then again my phone gets the full speed when right next to it.
One thing I have changed is that when connecting smart plugs they were not detectable when running both 2.4 and 5ghz so I changed it to only 2.4 would this have a significant difference?