Question Wifi speed slow compared to what we ordered

Feb 13, 2019
Basically, we recently got fttp/ftth BT broadband which is supposed to give us 300 Mbps. Ever since we have gotten this new wifi we have experienced speed differences like no other. In the morning and sometimes during the day we only get 50-60 Mbps wireless and around the same through the powerline adapter, bear in mind this is with me being on the same floor as the hub. Only if I connect by ethernet to the hub I get 300 with very little variation, but I purchased powerline adapters to help with this issue but even with those I will get a maximum of 160 Mbps if I am lucky. Wondering is it the hub that is the issue or is there anything I can do, because I for my pc especially dont want an ethernet cable going through rooms just for the internet speed that I ordered. The fact of the matter is while I understand the speed of the wifi wont get 300 wirelessly or through powerline adapters I dont expect it to be HALF, I pay literally an extra £10 a month for the speed boost from 145 to 300 but seeing as I only get 160 max I'm thinking of downgrading back to 145. Any advice on what to do or shall I just downgrade


Remember, Wifi will add latency/overhead, and the speeds quoted will be "up to" and no guarantee.
However, if you can get 300 wired, but nowhere remotely close over wifi even right next to the hub, then the hub/router may well be the problem.
Are you using 2.4GHz or 5GHz? 2.4GHz speeds will be lower, but range/distance is substantially better. 5GHz can see really good speeds, but range is more limited.
Standing right next to the router though, check multiple devices - what kind of speeds do you see?

Powerline are a mixed bag. They depend heavily on the quality of your electrical wiring, and you're never going to see 100% throughput on them anyway.

I would talk to your ISP if I were you (assuming speeds are poor right next to the router, using 5GHz and multiple devices).
While yes, it's unrealistic to expect the full 300 over Wifi, you shouldn't be seeing as low as 10-50% of your wired speeds.
You need to set your exceptional lower. Why would you not expect it to be half. Both powerline and wifi cheat massively when they quote magic numbers. To start with they add the transmit and receive speeds. If I did that with ethernet I would call it 2gbit but with ethernet you can actually transmit and receive exactly at the same time.

This site has pretty good test numbers. Be aware they are testing using "adapters" that are not real common. Almost no devices have 4 antenna so you can never really get 4x4 mimo speeds.