Question WiFi stutters every 6 or 7 seconds on PC for a few seconds ?

Apr 10, 2021
I have a PC (Windows 10) that I've always used on Ethernet, though it has a WiFi card, but I recently moved where I can't set it up close to router so have to use WiFi.

It stutters every 6-7 seconds continuously for acout. It's most noticabale in speed tests, where you can see it instantly drop, and in online games; most streams work fine since buffering and speed when working is fine.

It's not the WiFi signal - tried it on two other networks. What's crazy is it's not even the card, because I just bought a USB wifi adapter, disabled the one in the PC and used the new one, and it has exactly the same issue.

The Realtek driver (which is the same on both) looks up to date.