Question wifi suddently "can't connect" to network


Aug 1, 2021
Hi all. I was having no issues whatsoever with ethernet and wifi connections on my two basement PCs until four days ago. Both are plugged into Powerline 1200 adapters. Suddenly, I can't access my network on either machine using either method. I get "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration" and "Can't connect to the network" error messages on both. The TV on the main level is also plugged into a 1200 and it lost the net connection as well.

I upgraded my Verizon router to a g3100 and that did solve the TV issue but not the PCs. I took my laptop down there and had no wifi issue whatsoever (it's a dinky Lenovo so no chance to test the ethernet).

Anyone else ever experienced this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. ~ Ken