Question WiFi traffic

Not sure you can for a few reasons.

First it is going to depends on the exact model of the router and if it has any kind of traffic monitoring.
Next at best you only going to get the IP addresses of the internal machines and the IP of the machine on the internet.
Even if you had some fancy firewall that could capture all the traffic it still not going to show you much more. All modern web traffic is encrypted. You can not see what the person is actually doing. You at best could maybe tell they were on a google based server but you can not tell if that is something simple like a google search or something else in a google based data center.

Now in theory you could take the IP address and attempt to find what DNS entry matches but this most times is very ineffective. What you tend to find is all the IP addresses come back to one of the big hosting companies like amazon, google, cloudflare etc etc. Because companies seldom run actual servers and everything is now virtual it is almost impossible to tell.

I guess it depends on what you goal is.

You can determine for example who on your network is using lots of bandwidth. You generally can't tell in detail what they are doing but you can tell how many bytes of data they are using to each ip address.