Question WiFi vs Cat 5 Ethernet connection on the same PC? Do they oppose one another?


Nov 25, 2019
WiFi vs Cat 5 Ethernet connection on the same PC? Do they oppose one another?

My WIN 7 desktop PC possesses an internal wireless card for 2.4Ghz wifi.

The same PC is connected to my Arris AC7600 modem / router via a Cat 5e Ethernet cable.

Q: Would the internal wireless card disable the Ethernet cable connection?

When I boot into WIN 7, the Ethernet connection is disabled. I must enable the Ethernet connection in the Windows Network and Sharing Center each time I start my PC to enable the Ethernet connection to function.

NOTE: I need to retain the 2.4Ghz wireless connection capability on my PC so I can print and scan to a remote Epson multi function 4 in 1 device in another location in my house. Hence, I need BOTH Ethernet and WiFi connection capabilities.
both wi-fi & ethernet should be able to connect at the same time with no interference.

possible that it's some ancient motherboard with options in the BIOS that need to be altered regarding the connection type(s). or through manufacturer's control software for the wi-fi card.
you may be able to enable\disable specific connection options that would resolve the ethernet being disabled.


Jun 15, 2017
There are a few different scenarios.

- As others have pointed out, if the wired ethernet and wi-fi are connecting to the same network, and the printer is also connecting to that network, then you don't need the wi-fi connection to reach the printer.

- If the printer is out of range of the router wi-fi and but is in range of your PC wi-fi then you can set your wi-fi adapter for bridging. This will connect the printer to the network via your wi-fi adapter, allowing anyone on the network to reach the printer - but only when your PC is powered on.

- If the printer is actually on a completely diffreent network, you can still set your ethernet adapater and wi-fi adapter to both connect to their respective networks. You should set the ethernet adapter to be the default gateway for the internet.