Question WiFi working selectively on apps

Sep 3, 2019
My WiFi works fine with Netflix and YouTube but completely drops when I am taking calls on Zoom or Hangouts. Happens on both my mobile phone and laptop. Why would it work only selectively for apps?
I suspect latency. With Netflix/Youtube, they are able to BUFFER the stream, smoothing out the delivery. VOIP applications need CONSTANT, REAL TIME delivery of the data. I suspect your WIFI signal to noise ratio not good, erratic.
So is there any solution to this?
Not without you doing some troubleshooting and trying things. You are there, I am not.

I would reset the WIFI router if you have not already done so.

I would survey my WIFI airway to find out how many neighbors, how crowded is. What are my signal/noise numbers?

I would use the oftenly quoted PING command to get some actual latency numbers, lower is better, more consistency is better.

Are u using using 2.4 and 5 ghz? compare Apples to Apples please, if your streaming devices are on 2.4 ghz, don't compare it to something else using 5 ghz.

And that's just for starts.