Question WiFi


More information needed.

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Make and model modem?

Make and model router (or modem/router if combined)?

Who provides the modem and/or router - do they belong to the ISP or to you?

How is everthing connected? Where is the switch located?

Normal/expected network connectivity - line diagram (where ----> represents an Ethernet cable):

ISP === coax, DSL, fiber ===> Modem ----->[WAN port] Router [LAN Ports] -----> wired devices (can include a switch) plus ~~~~ > to wireless devices.

Feel free to edit and correct my line diagram as necessary.

Add some explanation about the specific wireless problems that are occuring.
Mar 23, 2023
Hw to get good wifi signal? If my signal currently is bad but also is bad as long I go from the Switch?
Are we talking about wifi or 5G home internet?
Wifi signal is based off RSSI and environment. We want to be well below -70dBm, well below. Your choices are limited. Either move the router closer to you or move your setup closer to the router, or, invest in a soho mesh network. When I say environment, i'm talking about wall build materials, and potential EMI and or other wifi stepping on your wifi.
If your walls are lath and plaster, and not regular drywall, wifi performance can be impacted if you're not close to the router. You can use a free wifi scanning software to determine RSSI at a given location using your phone as the wifi client during the test.


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