Question Wikipedia this ip address is used by multiple users??

Feb 15, 2021
Hello! today i went on wikipedia and a message appeared telling me "this ip address is used by multiple users" and then another message told me that i got blocked from wikipedia for 8 hours because "vandalism" but the problem is that i have never written anything on wikipedia! Actually that made me think i recive LOTS of captcha on google search too , i tought that maybe the problem is the same , but i have no idea what's happening , can someone help me please?

could it be that i have the same ip adress that someone else has , so the internet think that i am spamming?? i don't know help me please

you can see the error here

Check the IP you see on your router WAN port. Compare this with a site called whatsmyip. If they are different you likely have a private IP address. What the ISP does is assign private IP to end users and then share the actual public ip between mulitple users. If one customer from the ISP does bad things it can affect other customers. Sites that use IP bans are kinda stupid because it does nothing to stop someone who is determined to cause issues but affects other customers that did nothing.

If the IP match then you have a public IP and it would be very strange for this to happen.

You would need to contact your ISP but they may not be able to fix this depending on how they share the public IP between their customers.

Note this can also happen if you are running a VPN because you share a IP. You can also use a VPN to solve this problem......which is also what hackers do and why IP ban are stupid