Question Will 10700k bottleneck 4080 in 1440p?


Jan 5, 2020
I have a question ..will 10700k bottleneck 4080 in 1440p games ?
And if I will get 4070ti .. for 1440 p will it be safe for next gens games ? Or 4080 be safer bet..?
Btw I have motherboard : Asus Z590-P


If you plan to play a game like Hogwarts Legacy and you want to play this in 1440p with Raytracing, you might want to go with the 4080. My system is using 13GB VRAM in Hogwarts Legacy at 1440p Ultra with Raytracing. So for next gen I'd rather have the 16GB Vram vs 12GB Vram. Before Hogwarts Legacy I was inclined to say 12GB for 1440p is enough....but it seems I was wrong. Not because of its compute power....that is absolutely fine. But 12 GB VRAM is borderline. Ok now....but future proof? Not sure....

Regarding your bottleneck question. Yeah, you will see an insignificant bottleneck. No need to worry about it...
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Just to make clear. So far 12 GB VRAM seemed to be always fine in 1440P. Never had an issue before. For example, Cyberpunk 2077 on Ultra with Raytracing Psycho in 1440p never used more than 10.5GB VRAM and the Witcher 3 Next Gen with Raytracing was the same. So, Hogwarts Legacy is kinda an outlier.....needs to be seen if this still changes with driver optimizations or game optimization patches.
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