Question Will 2700k fit in HP Compaq 6300 MT


On OEM systems, it's not just a matter of having a compatible chipset. It must also have BIOS support and BIOS support for upgrades or next Gen processors, even within the same socket family, are often limited.

Please post either the EXACT manufacturer part number or sub model of your prebuilt system, or the express service tag number. Whatever is provided on the specifications and model decal on the system itself, OR, the exact model of the motherboard, which is generally printed directly on the motherboard somewhere.

Based on what I can see, it does not look like either that system OR that chipset, supports the 2700k, however other CPUs from the same Gen and socket family are supported so it's definitely possible with appropriate BIOS support. Whether the board itself is capable of supporting it with adequate power delivery is another matter.
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