Will a 400w PSU handle a GTX 950, i5 4460, 1TB HDD, 8GB ram, and a Gigabyte motherboard?

Will a quality PSU that can output 400w support it: yes
Will a PSU shaped box that has 400w printed on a sticker support it: for a few minutes or few months until it fires everything.

A quality unit is not only efficient (IE has the 80+ bronze/silver/gold rating) but has quality components (like its capacitors and voltage regulators) as well as having many protections built into it to prevent any fault in the PSU or fault in your house power from damaging your parts.


Jul 30, 2015

Ok thanks! Mine's pretty cheap so I think I will choose a better PSU with a higher wattage. Is it ok to have one around 520 or 600 watts?
Your computer will only pull the amount of wattage it needs, so if it only needs say 300w you can use a 400w psu just as you could use a 600w psu.

Now if you get TOO powerfull of PSU then you start running into efficiency concerns where a 800w psu is so bellow its efficiency range that it actually takes 400w for that 300w load while a 500w psu would only use 345w for the 300w load.

For your wattage range, the XFX and Seasonic PSUs are very good for the money. A Seasonic S12ii 520w is a solid PSU for the $50 range.

Corssair CX are junk, and the less expensive EVGA are also not that good (W1, B, and G series), the EVGA B2 and G2 are good but those start at 650w.



Evga does have a 550w G2 and GS.

Stand corrected on that front.


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