[SOLVED] Will a 4TB Hard Drive work as a secondary backup drive on an older Sata 2 motherboard


Dec 25, 2014
So I'm planning to purchase for my computer a 4TB Seagate IronWolf for backup not for booting from it and I'm wondering if this will work.

My CPU is an intel i7 860 and my motherboard is an ASROCK H55 with SATA 2. On it i have a primary SSD (Windows Boot Drive) and the new Seagate will be used as a secondary backup drive.

The computer is running Windows 10 and i just want to make sure that the motherboard will be able to access all the 4TB without issues.

Thank you.
The H55 chipset is capable of it as a non-boot drive so now you are at the mercy of the actual bios.

I don't think it will personally. I haven't seen very many non-graphical bios based motherboards support any drives over 2TB. Also, AsRock's own bios overlay 3+TB drive unlocker program doesn't list your board as being compatible either. https://www.asrock.com/feature/3tb/