Question Will a 600VA/360W UPS be enough to give me time to shut down.

Feb 1, 2022
I am running a PC with the following specs inside an NZXT H1 with an integrated 650W PSU

RX 6800XT
Ryzen 5 5600X
1TB NVMe m.2 SSD
32 GB DDR4 (2*16)
2 2.5" HDDs (1tb 7200RPM , 2tb 5400 RPM)
MSI OPTIX G27cq4 (2k 165hz, 65W adaper)
Peripherals (Mouse, KB, Speakers, Headphones etc)

I am having a hard time thinking if a 1100VA/ 660W UPS is worth shelling out for?


It's worth shelling out...on a larger capacity UPS. You forgot to mention where you're located since not everyone has access to a reliably built UPS that does what it's advertised to do. Also, you sure your case is the one with the revised PCIe riser cable? If not, then you shouldn't work in it.