Will a amd 6100 and 7970 max bf3?

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Feb 25, 2009
BF3 is not a CPU taxing game it is a very well optimized game with PC being a consideration instead of an afterthought in developers minds. OP asked if BF3 will max out on his specified CPU and GPU and the answer is undoubtedly yes BF will max out on an 6 core BD CPU and 7970 gpu.
it is not a really a 6 core processor like amd wants you to think its a inbetween 3 cores hyperthreaded and 6 cores, each cluster of 2 "cores" has to share some resources it is not a true hex core. and it does get a bit cpu taxing when in a 64 player maps with the lot on ultra. if you clocked your chip up yes you could probably max it a 1080p but i dont know why people insist on buying bulldozers i would have a phenom any day but then i would have my 2500k over that any day it only cost 35 bucks more for a i5 2400 setup and the motherboards for amds arent any cheaper for a comparable model and that will smash a 6100 on every level or you could pay an extra 60 buck get a 2500k and beat anything amd has on the books
Ifs and buts are candy and nuts. The OP asked whether the 6100 and 7970 will play battlefield at maxed out settings, from that I assume he means at 1920x1080 on which account yes he will, as to what kind of frame rates, that is a journey into the unknown, but I assume it will be playable enough.
No chance a 6870 can do BF3 ultra and record.
Niether can a 560 ti. Bottom line, if it doesn't have enough VRAM and its claimed to be running it. Its BullSH%T no matter whant you say. 1GB doesn't handle Ultra idk how your running it or what CPU. Its just not playable. I have tried two 560 ti's on Ultra and its not doable. But yet this Princess peach wants to believe Youtube videos.... go right ahead... I have seen it for my self its not do able. I have used two 560 ti's and a FX 6100 and a 1080p monitor and it runs out of vram. no way people on youtube can tell me they're doing it with the same stuff


Mar 26, 2012
To anyone thinking of amd please do yourself a favor and get the 2500k ..that chip will play today's games and the next few years of new games if you upgrade the GPU ...need more? then OC that chip ..just make sure you have a good mobo ..its not about being a fan of AMD or Intell ...I had an AMD chip before my new 2500k system ..I really would like to tell anyone that the new FX chips are good and that the old phenoms will be ok for today's games and the next couple of years ..the truth is that AMD dropped the ball big time ...so the only serious chip to consider on a budget, is a system around the 2500k chip....


Feb 14, 2011
I have a feeling that it wouldnt max ultra. As stated before, the FX-6100 is somewhere in-between a hyperthreaded triple core and a true hex-core. From what I have read, the FX series isn't good for gaming, but it isn't as bad as all the intel fans would make you think. Still, I would go for a phenom II if on the AMD side, or an i3 or i5 on the Intel side of things. iirc, there was a system builder marathon article about a build with an FX-6100 and the FX was found to be a bottleneck. Another article from Tom's said a FX-4100 was just as good as the other FX processors in games, so you might want to go that route to save some money.

Sorry if I rambled on, lol. Good luck and hope this helped.


Mar 23, 2012

With my setup and the FX-6100 chip I max out BF3 on ultra at 1080p. Reg maps 60+fps and BK2 maps anywhere from 45-60fps. My 560's have 2gb of VRAM. In before anyone says it, NO I don't have microstutter runs very smooth. Plus I can max out any game that is currently out with no problem with 60 fps or higher.

Everyday Intel and AMD users bash each other the head about this issue. I don't care my system does what I intended it to do for me and it runs every game the way I want it to run and that's all that matters. I don't care about the test and benchmarks charts. My real world right here when I'm playing is what matters.

You have 2GB of VRAM, thats why you don't have micro stutter. making your comment Irrelevant


Dec 20, 2011
well i have 450$ for my cpu and motherboard i know the 2500k is better but also know that its 2x as much so i have to downgrade the motherboard but i also didn't know that the 6100 was pretty much 3 cores, i need something that will do 16gb of 1866 gskill sniper, 16gb because i plan on getting into video editing and graphic design,whats the best motherboard cpu combo i can get for that?
I have a few issues with that;

1] Comparing a $150 chip to a $220, if you had the money then you should have gone intel from the start and remove the rhetoric, or compare with a 8120 setup.

2] i5 3570K costs $210 and a Z77 extreme 4 the same price as a Z68 but with faster memory speeds and Lucid MVP which is massive for gaming and BF3
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