Will a Core i5-3470 bottleneck a GTX 680?



It's actually EVGA GTX 670 FTW. But it's about the same as a regular 680. I have no clue how these things work, bottleneck, so I'm asking here.

I don't care about i7's somethingthreading.


If there is a bottleneck, you won't notice it unless you're playing on lower resolutions. Once you're at 1080p with at least high settings, it won't be the cpu holding your comp's performance back anymore.
It really depends on the game and situations in said game. Any CPU will bottleneck the 670, if say you are playing an MMO with 1,000 people around you. But for the most part, no the i5 3470 will not bottleneck you and you should be able to stay 60 fps+ in most situations @1080p.
The thing to keep in mind with that kind of low-res bottlenecking is that if you are bottlenecked, you'll be getting restricted to something like 77fps or 91fps. Low res + powerful GPU (and a very capable CPU) is always gonna mean high framerates.

Not so. A restriction is a restriction. It dosent matter how it is being caused it means lower FPS. the very idea that there is a special kind of restriction that results in high framerates is pretty ridiculous .

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Look at some benchmarks and say that again. Borderlands 2 for example:


Just the last thing I saw that was CPU-bottlenecked.

Think before you speak.

I think what he is saying is, even if you are limited to a high framerate like that link showed of 75 FPS, it is still restricted... For example 75 fps is "lower FPS" than say 100 fps that it might have achieved if the CPU was not bottlenecking it.

But either way i think he was just trying to be difficult.



Running over 60fps constantly is good enough for me.

Yea sorry about that, a little of both really, didn't really catch what you meant and I'm on medication for a bad back at the moment.
I'm moving on to alcoholic medication later as the medical version isn't really helping that much.
Its nice to see someone being understanding and giving the benefit of the doubt, Props to you for that.

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Well I see a lot of your posts on here, and they're generally intelligent, well-considered, level-headed kinda responses, and that's always good to see on here. So I appreciate that :) Hope your back gets better soon - I know back pain really sucks.


Apr 7, 2014
I was wondering the same think guys I just bought an i5 3470s 2.9ghz with a turbo boost of 3.6ghz and I'm getting a gtx 780 I was hoping not to get bottlenecked and want to play all latest 2014/15 games on high/ulta settings @60Fps do u guys think that's will work thanx in advance.