Will a ddr2 agp video card run on a ddr1 agp slot


Sep 24, 2009
I have my doubts but my friend here is convinced that if he gets a DDR2 AGP Video card it will work on a PC that only has a DDR1 AGP Video card.

So my question is simple: will a DDR2 AGP video card run on a DDR1 AGP slot.

Your getting confused somewhere my friend the AGP slot is specified a number of ways usually by lanes not DDR levels.
Pick which one it is and then get a card to match. DDR2 is slower than DDR3 or GDDR3 they are the same thing when on a Video card, dont get confused with system ram which will probably be ddr2 in your case.
Not sure if that link is broken if it is try this one http://www.interfacebus.com/Design_Connector_AGP.html