Will a dedicated sound card make a difference?

Oct 9, 2018
Hi everyone!

So,here's the thing i'm dealing with:
I listen to music pretty much on a daily basis,i'm using a 5.1 AV Receiver on my computer that i've been using for 11 years and i'm more than satisfied with the sound it can provide,but lately i've been having some issues after i replaced my computer.The old motherboard had an ALC887 audio chip that was sounding extremely good,but since that motherboard died i hooked up one of my other computers,motherboard is an MSI B250 Krait Gaming with an ALC892 chip.Problem with this thing it sounds horrible no matter what settings i use on it.If i use it in stereo mode set from the Audio Manager it will sound just fine,but in 5.1 mode sound is terrible there is almost no bass at all and i have to turn the volume up on the receiver way too much than i had to before and the sound still is very bad quality (and yes bass management and volume along with other settings are correct).I tried with another computer with a different motherboard that has the same audio chip and it still sounds horrible.(sound has great bass and volume is powerful enough if i plug the receiver to the 5.1 output of my TV)
So my choices would be:either i will buy a dedicated sound card hoping the quality will be better or i will buy a new receiver that supports optical audio and will not need the settings to be set by the computer,it will do the audio processing by itself.
So what would you guys think? Will i have a chance for better audio quality buying a dedicated sound card or have no choice but buy a new Receiver?
Thank you for your attention


I'm not much of an audiophile Yes, in your case you have the common audio chip that isn't amazing. Plenty of discrete sound cards with better chips on them. Even some that aren't that expensive.

Last sound card I used was an ASUS Xonar DX I believe, that was to avoid interference though, poorly shielded motherboard audio picked up the hard drive spinning.