Question Will a graphics card that doesn’t display anything still work minus the display ?


May 9, 2021
This is just a quick question that I couldn’t seem to answer from google.

I seem to stumble upon a lot of gpu’s on eBay where the graphics card will not display anything but still the fan spins on.

Can a gpu still work without displaying anything -- - in other words, could you use it for tasks where you don’t need a display but just the processing ?

In another word set, graphics cards that don’t display anything are they mostly just vga/hdmi port issues or the actual gpu chip being broken?
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Could be either way.
If the fan power is on a different rail then the rest of the card then it can keep working even if the rest of the card is completely burned...
In general if you aren't an ace in repairing GPUs I would stay away from these "deals"


Graphics cards that arent displaying anything almost always have something more wrong with them than just port issues.
The chances of it being a damaged port are quite low.
IF it were just a port issue, you certainly could use it as a processing card, but buying broken cards on ebay is not going to work out in your favor.
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If you're referring to the mining cards that don't have display outputs, Linus managed to get a card like that to work by plugging the HDMI connector into the motherboard.

I would post the video but unfortunately, with LTT being hacked at the moment, none of their videos are accessible. I don't remember the specifics but it was a GeForce card that was specifically made for mining and had no outputs.

If you can get the card to work that way, then it would definitely work as a processing card for things like video encoding.