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Question Will a gtx 1650 super work with an HP 3500 Pro MT?

Aug 1, 2020
I am planning to upgrade the integrated graphics on the hp 3500 pro mt with a gtx 1650 super, so i scoured the web to check whether it would work with my pc.
I saw some threads about gtx 700+ series cards not working with a Cupertino2 2ABF H61 mobo, because its bios is below version 8, which apparently supports uefi based cards. My hp has a Cupertino3 2ABF mobo with a version 8.14 bios, so it should work without any problems right? Or am i stuck with the integrated graphics on this mobo?
Sounds like it should work.

You need to verify the physical size of the GPU will fit in the case.

You also need to check if the PSU has a 6 pin cable to power the GPU with. The stock HP PSU likely doesn't, so you'd be limited to a GTX1650 (non-super). Make sure it's one without a 6 pin power connector.
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