Will a gtx 560/70/80 bottneck my i5-750?


Sep 8, 2009
Pretty much just what the title says.

+1 more question: :D
I want to upgrade my computer, but just my graphics card for now. But idk if i should just go with the GTX 560ti for now and then buy a new 600 series card when they come out, with the money i saved. Or just go ahead and buy a 570/580 now and keep it for awhile, maybe SLI later. Ill eventually get a new mobo and cpu, probably when the new series comes out.

gtx 260
4gb ram
p55m-ud2 microatx! mobo

550W fatal1ty PSU <<<<<< concerned about this.

should i buy a new psu if i get any of these cards or will it be fine for all of them? Also if you know of any great GPU's or PSU's please let me know?

Please leave suggestions or ideas. :)
replies are much appreciated.

An i5 750 at stock clocks will probably cause a mild bottleneck to the GTX 570 and above. You do have the P55 chipset so you can try overclocking if you do run into a bottleneck, the 1156 CPUs aren't as restricted on overclocking as Sandy Bridge is, so you can get a larger boost, even without the unlocked multiplier.

As far as the PSU goes, yours looks to be of decent quality, plenty of power on the +12V rails and an active PFC. I don't know too much about the quality of an OCZ PSU, so I don't know for sure if it can actually deliver the power it promises. Try looking for reviews of OCZ PSUs, and see how they measure up. Assuming your current PSU can actually deliver what it promises, it would be fine for any single GPU setup. If you do want to SLI down the road, particularly with the 570 or 580, you will want a beefier power supply, probably in the 750 Watt range. The high end nvidia cards are quite power hungry.