Question Will a i5-7400 bottleneck with a GTX 1080 8gb ?

Bottleneck calculators are complete nonsense and any percentages they provide should largely be ignored. In reality, some games are more demanding on the CPU than others, and even the fastest CPUs on the market today will limit performance in at least some games, especially when paired with a higher-end graphics card running at lower resolutions. With an i5-7400, performance per core is arguably decent enough, though only having 4-cores without SMT is likely to result in less-stable performance in some of the more heavily-multithreaded games.

If you are planning on buying a GTX 1080 though, pricing is not exactly all that great compared to newer cards, at least in the US. A current-generation RTX 2060 will typically be nearly as fast and in some newer games a bit faster, while in most cases costing less than a used 1080, and a new card should come with 2-3 years of warranty coverage...

And if you are thinking of buying a GTX 1080 new, they typically cost way more than they should at this point for the level of gaming performance they provide. An RTX 2060 SUPER will be faster in just about any game, and those can be had new for under $400 in the US...
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'8% bottleneck'? what the heck does that remotely even possibly mean?

Stronger CPUs can only get '8% higher' FPS? The 7400 is down 'only 8%' compared to strongest CPUS?

It (8%)is an utterly ridiculous ridiculous figure...(to be expected from ridiculous 'bottleneck calculators')

The i5-7400 offers about less half the potential FPS at's 4 cores, already getting slammed in minimum FPS for any game out the last 3-4 years, get less than half the potential FPS at 1080P. (Perhaps at 4K it's 'average' fps might be much closer, but, it's hard to imagine someone pairing the 7400 w/ a 1080..; in short...NOT RECOMMENDED)