[SOLVED] will a intel 9th gen be damaged if socketed in a wrong chipset board (asus strix h270f)

May 6, 2019
Hello together,
A firend of mine has made a bad mistake odering hardware for a new rig, assembled a complete system that did not boot. We spent hours on figuring out what the cause could be, and finally found out that the 'Intel Core i5 9400F 6x 2.90GHz So. 1151 BOX' is not at all compatible with the 'Asus ROG Strix H270F' that he ordered. He assumed that if the socket would match, they would work together.

Hence my question: could the cpu be damaged by trying to boot it with the wrong chipset?

(In that case i would buy the the cpu off him for myself for a later upgrade of my own system.)

Regards: Peter

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My feelings would be that it's doubtful the CPU was damaged, in the regard that the socket was the same. I wouldn't think that the chipset would have delivered power the proc couldn't handle. It would seem to me that when it didn't pass post it probably powered right off anyway.

If buddy is past the time he can return the items he may be stuck anyway, so would likely ask if he minds working a good "if it works" price with you and wait to see what happens after you install in the proper motherboard. If he can return it, even with a restocking fee, I would likely do so on both your accounts.