Will a mini-ITX board fit my BTX dell desktop?


Nov 24, 2012
Can anyone please tell me whether a mini ITX board can be installed on my BTX form factor dell desktop? I'm dying to know!!
Wikipedia has this to say about your question "In the first months of production the ATX and BTX motherboards were so similar that moving a BTX motherboard to an ATX case was possible and vice-versa, this was possible because the first BTX motherboards were ATX motherboard turned upside down, except for the component location that really were BTX positioning.[3] This changed when the BTX form factor had a big change by turning it into a mirror image of the ATX standard, since the new motherboard design both standards are incompatible. Basically BTX motherboards are 'leftside-right' (not upside-down!) compared to ATX, i.e. they are mounted on the opposite side of the case" found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTX_(form_factor)
Hope it helps even though I doubt it is the answer you were looking for